Chef Choice


Chicken Khana Khazana

Very mild, cooked in a korma sauce with cheese


Murgh Idlee Sambar

Boneless sliced chicken cooked in tandoori and then Served with green salad & mint sauce cooked again with lentils, slightly hot, sweet and sour.


Gusth Khazu Khazana

Marinated lamb cooked in fresh ginger & garlic with medium spices and cooked in kaju nuts and creamy sauce


Chicken Tikka Bhuna Massala

Cooked with minced lamb and boiled egg, in a dry massala sauce


Murugh Angar Bullet (New)

Chicken cooked very hot, with green chillies and flavoured with naga (Very hot fragrant chilli).


Chicken Anarkali

Chicken stuffed with minced lamb then cooked in a medium sauce


Chicken or Lamb Kalia (New)

Chicken or lamb cooked in fresh coriander and mint, with Onion and lemon juice to give a rich spicy sauce


Chicken Chaatwala (New)

Chicken cooked with chaat masala spices with onion, red pepper and cucumber


Tandoori King Prawn Rezalla

Medium spiced dish cooked with a condensed curry sauce


Butter Chicken

Medium, cooked with coconut cream, almond Powder, fresh cream topped with fried butter.



Off the bone Tandoori chicken cooked with minced lamb & spinach, medium. Hot on request.


Chicken Makhani

Tender chicken breast cooked in butter ghee & served with a rich spiced sauce flavoured with tomatoes, cashew nuts, herbs & spices


Chashi Chicken

Marinated & grilled in tandoor with onion, green pepper, then cooked in our special yougurty masala medium sauce.


Raduni Ki Mutton (New)

Sliced tender meat cooked in chefs creations, cooked to perfection


Mutton Baburchi Wala (New)

Cooked in a yogurty masala sauce with Wedges of boiled egg, minced lamb, almonds and fresh cream.


Chicken Baburchi Wala

Boneless tandoori chicken cooked in a yogurty masala sauce with Wedges of boiled egg, minced lamb, almonds and fresh cream.


Murugh Kebab Masoor

Chicken prepared with pink lentils in chef's special masala, chilli pickle, ginger, garlic, cumin & fresh coriander.


Lobster North Indian

Three headless mini lobsters cooked with in a yoghurt based sauce, medium spicy.


Lobster darjeeling

Three headless mini lobsters cooked with chopped onions & herbs, medium to mild. Garnished with pepper & onion rings.

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